To let love express itself in the most diverse languages, we write and celebrate bilingual wedding ceremonies in English, Spanish and Portuguese. We`re based in São Paulo, Brazil, and we also love to travel. Available worldwide.

special  ceremonies

Weddings, to be thrilling,
must have a breathtaking ceremony.
But after all, what makes a ceremony to be special? While ceremony is a moment created to impress greater meaning to a passage in life, we believe that special is that which is singular, particular: unique.


“We believe in all kinds of love and that in this messy world in which we live , this feeling is the only way to explain the meaning of our lives.
It should not be by chance that the message of different religions is, essentially, that we care for each other: in response to any questions, comes love and justifies life.”


Márcia Henz, founder & CEO

Wedding Ceremonies

We do not work with catalogs or “standard ceremonies”, because everything is thought and planned from our first conversation on.

It’s based on the couple`s story, their life principles and way of thinking about love that we get to build a ceremony that has everything to do with who they are, with love and lightness. In the process, we also engage family and close friends, as the best man and bridesmaids.

The result is a ceremony where there is truth and love. And that is what truly brings a couple together.